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Symetrical Honeycomb Bar Necklace

Regular price $70.00

This is our Symmetrical Honeycomb Bar Necklace. It celebrates the importance of bees and the beauty of their hexagonal shapes that make up their honeycomb, where they store the honey.

This design features honeycomb symmetry. This iteration of our honeycomb bar necklaces may best suit those who find beauty in balance.

The honeycombs base metal is brass. They're then given a rough finish with Rhodium. This gives them a rustic industrial look.

The width of this pendant is almost an inch. It has a 3mm height.

This necklace features a sterling silver 16 inch cable chain.

Customize this design with a different metal, finish, or chain.

Each necklace is handmade: hand cut, fabricated, sized, soldered, and finished in my one-woman home studio shop.

This necklace comes gift wrapped in our signature keepsake box!

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