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Branching Three Tone Mokume Gane Leaf Rhodium Roots Bracelet

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Wear your love of nature right on your wrist with our elegant Double Outward Branch Rhodium Roots Bracelet. This bracelet has an organic feel of roots, with an elegance suitable for a special occasion.

The silver is left soft so that you can pull the roots slightly apart and squeeze them back together to put it on and take it off, allowing for a tight fitting bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly. It will not get brittle or break.

Sterling silver is the base metal. It is then plated with platinum to prevent tarnishing. The platinum also allows us to plate the ring with gold finishes. This bracelet is finished in white gold. The leaf features our three tone mokume gane.

Mokume Gane is Japanese for wood grain metal. It's made by fusing many sheets of your metal choices with heat to form a billet, the combined alloys. The billet is then reshaped with force to rearrange the patterning of the alloys. After applying force the billet is polished down revealing the new pattern that has been created from this technique. The result beautifully emulates wood grain. 

Made to order- and to fit YOU personally. Measure your wrist with a measuring tape or string for an accurate fit, though the fit is adjustable. Do you like your bracelets a little looser? Add half an inch to your measurement when ordering.

Seven inches is the average wrist size for a woman, and our standard pictured size.

Customize these designs with different variations in gemstones, raw stones, raw gold accents, mixed metal cutouts, and gold finishes.

Each ring is handmade: hand cut, fabricated, sized, soldered, and finished in my one-woman home studio shop.

This bracelet comes gift wrapped in our signature keepsake box!

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