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Branch Roots Necklace

Regular price $250.00

Seeking a statement piece to help you stand out from the crowd? Our striking new Roots Couture Necklace will do just that. Inspired by our bestselling line of Roots Rings, this stunning branching necklace on delicate looking yet sturdy silver chain is the perfect statement piece for a night out. Featuring hand fabricated roots and a handmade chain, all made from luscious Sterling Silver. Statement Roots measure about 5" long, and the handmade chain links are each about 1" long. Secured with three looping hooks for easy on/off and for adjustability. Pairs perfectly with our Roots Couture Rings, Earrings, and Bracelets for the complete high fashion look.

This necklace is completely handmade: hand fabricated, soldered, cut, drilled, filed, sanded, and finished in the LTS Studio in Ann Arbor, MI.

All items come gift wrapped.

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