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Asymetrical Roots Bracelet

Regular price $140.00

Wear your love of nature right on your wrist with this elegant handmade roots bracelet. Featuring a sturdy sterling silver band and twisting roots, this bracelet has the organic feel of roots and twigs, with an elegance suitable for a special occasion, yet durable enough for everyday wear.

This bracelet is completely handmade and unique. The silver is left soft so that you can pull the roots slightly apart and squeeze them back together to put it on and take it off, allowing for a tight fitting bracelet that fits your wrist perfectly. It will not get brittle or break.

Made to order- and to fit YOU personally. Measure your wrist with a measuring tape or string for an accurate fit, though the fit is adjustable. Seven inches is the average wrist size for a woman, and generally a good guess if ordering as a gift. Do you like your bracelets a little looser? Add half an inch to your measurement when ordering.

Each bracelet is 100% handmade: hand cut, filed, sanded, fabricated, sized, soldered, and hand finished in the LTS Studio in Ann Arbor, MI.

All items come gift wrapped.

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