Check out our 2019 Art Show Schedule!

We are filling up our art fair schedule for the year, constantly adding new venues and dates around Michigan! We will be in Dearborn, East Lansing, Kalamazoo, Plymouth, Orchard Lake, Ann Arbor, and MORE this year! Check out our Art Show Schedule here

LTS: unique handmade jewelry

LettersToSarah Metalsmithing is internationally known for unique and original designs, nothing like the ready-made jewelry you'd find in a traditional jewelry store. Our designs are inspired by passion, nature, and place. They play off ideas of belonging, growth and identity that takes back contemporary high fashion with sleek and tasteful metalwork infused with our values.

We use traditional metalsmithing techniques: designing, refining, sawing, filing, soldering, sanding, shaping, and polishing, giving each of our creations a distinct personality in a world saturated with ready-made jewelry. We hand fabricate, never mass producing our work, and we work in all metals, primarily sterling silver, copper, and gold.

Because each piece is individually made by hand, each one is a bit different from the rest, united by design, but still as special and unique as it's wearer.