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About the brand

LettersToSarah Metalsmithing creates unique handmade jewelry that celebrates passion: from the places you've lived and loved, to the journeys to come, to the natural world that unites us all. As an independent artist, Sarah actualizes every part of the creative process, using traditional metalsmithing techniques: designing, refining, sawing, filing, soldering, sanding, shaping, and polishing, giving each of our creations a piece of our labor and love and a distinct personality in a world saturated with ready-made jewelry. We hand fabricate, never casting or mass producing the work, and work in all metals, primarily sterling silver, copper, and gold. LTS specializes in rings and earrings, especially our place rings (such as our signature Michigan ring) and our Roots Couture Collection, but we also enjoy making other forms of adornment such as necklaces, bracelets, and nose rings. Fascinated by the cultural and social value of material culture, we love the power of adornment to define identity, inspire possibilities, empower action, and connect lives.

About the makers


I started metalsmithing seven years ago at Western Michigan University, and fell in love with the materials. Metals are strong yet responsive, bending to will, intention, and skill. Metals each have a personality of their own. Wanting to take this passion seriously and take autonomy over my life, I started LettersToSarah Metalsmithing, or LTS, in June of 2013. It was clear from the beginning that people loved the designs I was making, and the business grew. I was making art that I loved and was proud of, and my creations were starting their own journeys and touching people's lives. I have always been fascinated by material culture, and the special role that objects can play in defining identity and connecting lives.


I started studying anthropology seven years ago at WMU, and fell in love with culture. When Sarah started LTS, I was just beginning my graduate program in Anthropology. I was always by her side, consulting with business questions, assisting with art shows, and finding myself more and more often applying my anthropology to this creative endeavor. LTS allows me to create culture through our business practices and the art we make.