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Branching Mokume Leaf Rhodium Wedding Ring with Moissanite and Gold Accent

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Celebrate the beauty of natural with our Branching Mokume Leaf Rhodium Wedding Ring with Moissanite and Gold Accent. Emulating roots, this ring is the perfect touch to connect you to the things you love.

Sterling silver is the base metal. It is then plated with platinum to prevent tarnishing. Then it is finished in Rhodium, which is a type of platinum, but is commonly referred to as white gold.

This ring features a Moissanite, in a four prong setting. Moissanite is a lab created gemstone. That makes it an ideal alternative to diamonds. They are more brilliant, reflective, and flawless than diamonds, and have no inclusions. On the Mohs scale of hardness, Moissanite is graded as a 9.25, harder than any gemstone besides diamonds, which are a 10. Like diamonds, they can withstand heat. This Moissanite is 2.5mm in diameter, in a contemporary round cut. This is equivalent to 1/15 carat diamond. These Moissanite comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Moissanite are unparalleled in terms of ethics and affordability. By being lab grown you get the look of a diamond without any of social unrest linked to the diamond industry. They are available at a fraction of the price. A diamond of similar quality retails for 10 times the Moissanite price. This ring was designed with affordability as a priority.

The leaf is made from our Three Tone Mokume gane. Mokume Gane is Japanese for wood grain metal. It's made by fusing many sheets of your metal choices with heat to form a billet, the combined alloys. The billet is then reshaped with force to rearrange the patterning of the alloys. After applying force the billet is polished down revealing the new pattern that has been created from this technique. The result beautifully emulates wood grain.     

This mokume gane is made with three different metal alloys: silver, copper, Shibuichi. It is patina-ed to emphasize the black-grey tone of the shibuichi and warm browns of the copper.

The gold accent is solid 14K yellow gold.

Customize these designs with different gemstones, gold finishes and accents, and mokume gane.

Each ring is handmade: hand cut, fabricated, sized, soldered, and finished in my one-woman home studio shop.

Please give accurate ring size. Don't know your ring size? There's a printable ring sizer pdf link in my Shop Policies that will give you a nice estimate.  

These rings are slightly adjustable. Don't be afraid to make it form to your fingers. Wear-ability is a priority with LTS. We use sterling silver because it's tensile enough to form perfectly to you without endangering the ring. It's also hypoallergenic! Jewelry should fit well and make you feel good.

This ring come gift wrapped in our signature keepsake box!

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