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Infinity Rhodium Roots Dangle Earrings

Regular price $75.00

Inspired by our bestselling line of roots rings, these Infinity Rhodium Roots Dangle Earrings are the perfect statement piece for a night out.

Featuring hand fabricated roots and a ear wire, our signature tap root, for a seamless design. Roots in front measure about 2" long and 1" across (at their widest point), earwire in back hangs about 2.5" for perfectly balanced earrings.

Sterling silver is the base metal for these earrings. They are then plated with platinum to prevent tarnishing. The platinum also allows us to plate the ring with gold finishes. This ring is finished in white gold.

Customize these designs with different variations in gemstones, raw stones, raw gold accents, mixed metal cutouts, and gold finishes.

These earrings are completely handmade: hand fabricated, soldered, cut, drilled, filed, sanded, and finished in my one-woman home studio shop.

This ring come gift wrapped in our signature keepsake box!

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