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Men's Mokume Gane Ring Band

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Connect yourself, and literally, your adornment, to one of the planet's most beautiful patterns- wood grain. This ring is made from Silver and Copper Mokume Gane, a Japanese metalsmithing technique that emulates wood grain. The inside of the ring is reinforced with a thick layer of silver, protecting your finger from discoloration through copper contact.

Made to order- please give exact ring size!

This ring is perfect for anyone fascinated by the energetic and elegant swirls of wood grain. Also, it would make a great wedding set, promise ring set, or friendship set, as I can make two rings where the metal patterns can match up if placed side by side.

Each ring is handmade: hand fabricated, sized, soldered, and hand finished in my one-woman home studio shop.

Please note that the copper patina (the black part of the wood grain pattern) will naturally wear off and settle into a warm copper orangey-brown color. This process is completely normal and beautiful! It is part of the natural life cycle of your jewelry. If you want to protect the patina, spray with a couple of coats of waterproof lacquer and let dry (this process will have to be repeated occasionally as the coating will wear off). I do NOT spray my jewelry, as I don't want those chemicals absorbing into my skin.

All items come gift wrapped.

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