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Mokume Gane: Silver and Copper Medium Ring

Mokume Gane: Silver and Copper Medium Ring

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This is our Mokume Gane: Silver and Copper Medium Ring.

Mokume Gane is Japanese for wood grain metal. It's made by fusing many sheets of your metal choices with heat to form a billet, the combined alloys. The billet is then reshaped with a mill and hand carved to rearrange the patterning of the alloys. After running the billet through the mill it's polished down revealing the new pattern that has been created from this technique. The result beautifully emulates wood grain. Each ring is one of a kind.    

This mokume gane is made with three different metal alloys: silver and copper. The ring is patina-ed to emphasize the the warm browns of the copper. The patina makes the metals pop - it gives it luster.

The inside of the ring is reinforced with a layer of silver that we plate with a platinum to prevent tarnishing, protecting your finger from discoloration through copper contact.

The width of this ring is 7mm. It's about 1mm thick. We also have this design available in small and larger widths. Give them a look. These dimensions are customizable. 

They're a low profile flat band for a comfortable fit. Rounded is also an option. 

Banding is an option. We offer various metals and textures. Give them a look. 

These are popular wedding rings. Couple's sets are cut them from the same grain - they go together!

We also have other mokume gane offerings with different metal combinations. Be sure to give them a look. 

Each ring is handmade: hand fabricated, sized, soldered, and hand finished in my one-woman home studio shop.

Made to order- please give exact ring size!

Please note that the patina may change depending on your body chemistry and your environment. This is completely safe and natural.  

All items come gift wrapped in our signature keepsake box.

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